Learn How Ordinary People Are STILL Amassing Extraordinary Wealth in "Nothing Down" Real Estate Investing

From: Bob Meister
Wednesday, 11:43 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Do you feel you're moving too slowly along the path to financial freedom? Money Freedom? Listen as we explain how successful investors tell the keys to their success. The keys you can use. Imagine having enough income to enjoy the life you deserve...read on now, to discover how you will become financially free.

If you like to live a life enjoying financial independence, here's how some investors in 'Hoosier Land' did it and why you can do the same thing in your city, quickly and with no credit.

  • Are you still looking for a way to become financially free? Follow the steps used by those who ARE financially free.
  • Stuggling just to make ends meet?  If you haven't accumulated your wealth so far in life...what's going to change?
  • Lucky to be making a five figure income, and spending it all?  We'll show you how to make a six figure income, part time!
  • Is your goal to have a 'funded retirement program'?
  • You're not counting on Social Security, ARE YOU?  Wake up, Social Security could vanish tomorrow!
  • Are you renting, and can't afford to own your own home?  You can get paid to buy one of these homes and then live in it!
  • Would you like to 'buy' a home for your relatives, and get paid by the seller?
  • Is your 401k, turning out to be a 101k?
  • Doesn't your family deserve better? Newer? More?
  • Why 'saving' for your retirement won't let you keep up with inflation.
  • Are you filling up your life with needless financial stress?
  • Do you balance your work life...with more work?

You surely know someone who’s made a fortune in real estate…but how?

How do you get started?…How do you avoid getting burned?…
What if you have blemishes on your credit?
…Heck, what if you have lousy credit?…How much real money do I need?…What if you get stuck with a lousy home?…Do you have to be a college grad?...Can you get all the help you need?...What if you’re no financial wizard?…

We answer all those questions and more!                                 

Why Real Estate?

We’ve looked into all sorts of investments.

You know, stocks, bonds, mutual funds. A good way to lose it all, in today's economy

A savings account. Hah, we never seemed to save anything!

Gold coins, jewelry, stamps…that's waaay too difficult.

But Real Estate...
Hmm?  It’s everywhere and they’re not making any more of it.
It can be a natural for building your financial portfolio. And you probably already have some experience with it

With the changes in the economy, real estate still makes money...lots of money!

Here’s what we like about No Money Down investing in Real Estate:

  • Start immediately and without money, partners or credit
  • Make money when you buy...right away
  • Little or no risk
  • Large supply of sellers and buyers
  • Works everywhere
  • Buy your next home with no money or credit
  • No large investment or franchise fee
  • Work from your home…with(out) family involvement
  • You get cash up front when buying
  • Strong monthly cash flow
  • Build your investment portfolio quickly
  • No bosses
  • Work part time, full time, or overtime
  • ‘Work’ while on vacations, trips, etc. or vacation while ‘working’
  • Set your own hours
  • Works better with a changing economy

Successful Investors Reveal Their Deepest Secrets:

Well, we found some of the most successful investors and got them to share their most current secrets. When we first met them, we were astonished when they told us,
“Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money. You can buy real estate in your city, with nothing down. Pretty homes in nice subdivisions, from sellers who will call you and ask you to take their home. We do it every day.” ….
Learn from the experts...in minutes. Download material is available now.

Are you too busy??

Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes in Building Wealth:

Did you ever dream of waking up rich…
You may be looking for a passive stream of income…you know, the income you receive while you sleep.

We can show you how to achieve total financial freedom in 30 months or less, working part time, buying homes with no money or credit.

'Impossible', you say. So did we.

That was until we bought our first home…then our second…then our third…all in 5 weeks. From sellers that paid us to take their homes and thanked us when we did.

‘They must be junkers’, you say.
Look at the homes below…no junkers here.

Nearly everyone who avoids real estate looks at the wrong types of homes.
We buy pretty homes, in nice neighborhoods. The kind of homes that you’d like to live in.

No! You don’t need the help of relatives, friends or Realtors™.

This isn’t a multi-level 'anything'

We developed the trend setting 'Get The Deed' system that's quickly making millionaires out of people willing to invest a small amount of their time learning and then listening as sellers offer you their homes.

Investors quit their regular jobs in months!!

So, How Does It Work?Profits While We Sleep

We know, you can't imagine anything that could provide you with enough income to quit your job so quickly.
Well, we thought the same thing.
That was until we met 'Charlie' and Randy France.

They've been investing in Real Estate for years and finally documented their unique technique that makes buying pretty homes....
almost automatic.

  • No!! You don't have to spend tons for these homes.
  • No!! You don't have to put your name on lots of mortgages.
  • No!! You don't have to drive around looking for special, one of a kind bargains.
    And we're sure that you still have lots of other concerns. We did, too! That's why we tried their system and finally convinced them to share it with you.

Work part time or full time...and still earn a six figure income!

Yes, it works in any area...even where you live.

We show you how to automatically have a steady stream of motivated sellers calling you!  No cold calling or doors being slammed in your face.

Okay, so just what's a 'Subject To' and what makes this system work?

Well as you'll find out from the material, you can buy someone's home and leave the seller's mortgage in place.

You don't 'assume' the mortgage, since that would require bank qualifying, closing costs, delays, etc. You and the seller sign legal agreements that give you possession of the home (YOU get the deed) and another agreement that says you'll be making future mortgage payments.

BUT, the mortgage stays in the seller's name.
Read that again...
The mortgage stays in the seller's name.

So you don't need any money down...
and you don't need a strong credit rating.

Many preprinted Sales and Purchase Agreements list this trend setting techinque under the financing section as 'Subject To'.
Hence, the name of our printed manual in the home study course.

Our comprehensive materials meticulously describe how to use this concept.

You can quickly learn what it took years to refine.

Kind of a short cut to successful investing.
Profits While We Sleep
We share the most sure-fire way to buy the kind of properties that we wouldn't be embarrassed to own.

No, we don't want the troublesome properties...the rehabs, duplexes, fixer uppers, and low buck homes. You know, the real estate investing stuff that you thought made money. Well, not any more.

You see, we didn't want to trade one full time job for another full time job. We wanted the momentum of our efforts to build us a financial estate.  With the Get The Deed system, your estate grows continuously.

With each home, you get paid in 4 ways, including receiving a positive monthly cash flow...each and every month.

Students have told us, 'With the Get The Deed System, it's raining money!'.

We show you how to buy the most secure properties.

We buy pretty homes in nice neighborhoods.
Homes like we would live in.
Homes in growing subdivisions.
Homes that needed no repairs.
These homes are easy to find.

Every city has them.
...But you'll need to know how you could find them.


The homeowners will find you.
Homeowners call us at the rate of up to 5 per week.
They will ask you to buy their home. Thank you when you take the deed.

How can this be?
There must be a catch. Well there is...

"You have to think like a seller."

3 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath 1800 Square Feet, Split Level. 1 year old home. Purchased, Took Possession and Leased 2 days after purchase in June. Seller transferred out of state. Builder's mortgage subsidy still in effect. Over $300/month cash flow...$22,000 backend

That's where the Get The Deed System rises above the pack.
In the ebook download, we put you inside the seller's minds.
After reading the ebook, you'll know where these homes are and why they're for sale.
We tell you how and why this system works.

Our Get The Deed System is fully explained in the home study course. That's our 320 page printed manual, 2 Video, 2 Audio and 2 data filled CDs.

The Get The Deed System is explained in minute detail in the home study course. We take you from 'ground zero' to expert.  We explain everything from setting up your business to negotiating deals.  All the paperwork, all the advertising, all the legal stuff, etc. that's what's in the HOME STUDY COURSE available at www.GetheDeed.com

Those materials are the most extensive documentation that tells what works and explains everything.

'Charlie' short for Charlene came up with the title for the material.
She said, "This business has been so good to us that we want to give something back to anybody who will listen."

Charlie continued, "We want this to be a step-by-step manual that eliminates every reason for not investing in real estate. Most people just need help with their first one or two deals. We want to give them everything that they'll need to get those deals completed."

Well, we could go on and on, but if you're with us this far, you probably want to know what it takes to get started.

The Ebook download gives you the info to get Started.
Our Bonuses include email coaching and audio coaching!!

We explain why the system works, why people sell and why you should get started receiving the passive income that we call 'Profits While We Sleep'.

And if you're the type that wants printed material, and PC products, and Audio tapes...
well we've got that too, as part of a Home Study Course.

2 Products...two different avenues.

The Ebook download to explain why this works...
Tthe Home Study Course gives you everything you need to BUY homes from motivated sellers.

4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath, 2500 Square Feet. Two Story, Full Basement, 2 year old home. Purchased in June, Possession in July, Leased in August. Divorced couple wanted out of home. $150/month cash flow. $17,000 backend

Subject To

Oh yes, we also show you how to sell these homes so creatively that you'll wonder why you haven't noticed our technique before.

Enough said. You get the idea. This ebook download tells you everything that you'll need to buy pretty homes with nothing down, from sellers that will thank you.

You don't have any reason not to become financially independent.
By the way, you don't have to be Real Estate Investors full time.

Charlie and Randy take trips, attend seminars, have a great life, >> and << they buy 20 to 30 homes per year.
They kind of 'cherry pick'.

They spend a lot of time answering faxes and phone calls.
They're the kind of folks that just can't seem to say no to helping others.
That's why you can benefit from their efforts. With their blessings!

3 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath, 1800 Square Feet. Split Level, 1 year old home. Purchased in September, Possession in October, Leased in 2 weeks after taking Possession. Seller took new job in another state. $275 / month cash flow. $21,000 backend

But don't take my word for it!

Profits We Sleep 'With 'Subject To' Brian M. bought this home in 7 days and received $4,500 from the seller. He currently leases this home for a positive cash flow of $250 per month and will make $19,750 when the tenant buys the home...An AVERAGE deal.

We provide what you need to get started, now!

We take you from 'ground zero'.

We actively buy homes, so we know what info you need to be successful.
Not the useless stuff that the guru’s tell you.

We provide the inside info on how to be successful.
Our material shows you how to make profits while you sleep.
We chose that name because we want you to become financially free.
Work when you what...if you want.
Here’s just a small sample of what’s covered:

  • The easiest ways to attract motivated sellers, quickly
  • Where and how to buy signs, business cards, etc.
  • How to protect your rapidly increasing investment assets
  • How to reduce or eliminate investment taxes, legally
  • How to negotiate killer deals with sellers
  • The latest, proven techniques for filling your homes, quickly
  • Simple techniques to calculate your profit before you buy
  • How to fill out forms and contracts without an attorney
  • 4 top advertising techniques that work
  • How to avoid the 5 deadly mistakes in buying real estate
  • How to deal with Sellers in foreclosure and bankruptcy
  • How the pro’s get control of the negotiations with sellers, automatically
  • The right way to buy pretty homes with nothing down
  • How to make a profit and be secure with second mortgages
  • Where to get a complete package of all the paperwork, blank and filled in samples
  • How to jump out ahead of other investors in just 3 weeks

3 Bedroom, 2 Baths, 1500 Square Feet, Ranch. 18 months old. Purchased in December, Possession in January, Lease in March. Received $4,500 down, $200 monthly cash flow. Is winter a 'bad' time? Seller took new job out of state.

What Others Say:

'I think that the course is being sold for far less than it is worth, so I would suggest that you take advantage of it.'...

Michelle Young

As stated by Ron LeGrand, "This is the most comprehensive course ever offered on how to achieve financial independence by buying pretty homes in nice subdivisions. Charlie and Randy have shared their vast knowledge. This trend setting technique can quickly build your real estate portfolio."

'But nothing beats experience
-- I mean YOURS...'

William Clay

Two local, experienced property investors had this to say:

"Hello, to all of Indy Property Investors, my name is Becky Bray and you've probably heard a few of the deals my husband and I have done with rehabs. I just want to send a note out to everyone concerning the "SUBJECT TO" course that Charlie, Randy and Bob have. My husband and I have always been into rehabs and have been looking at the subject to side of the business for about 6 months now. We bought many courses for $500.00 each and felt that they didn't give us the information that was needed to "actually" do the deals....and left us with many questions.

So, I bought Charlie's course and have just completed it. I think it is the best course that I've seen, and as I said I've bought many of the $500.00 courses. Charlie's course told me more and answered all of the questions that the $500.00 courses left me with. Charlie's course will give you the information that you will need to "actually" go out and do the deals. I think that EVERYONE in the real estate business, no matter which side of the business that you do, MUST HAVE this course, whether your a seasoned investor or a beginner. I feel that we now have the knowledge that we need to do "good" deals.

Many courses will tell you just enough to get you into a "bad deal", but, as Charlie says "no deal is better than a bad deal". I think that the course is being sold for far less than it is worth, so I would suggest that you take advantage of it. Charlie, Randy and Bob, you all did a very good job. It's exactly what I've been looking for. A big THANK YOU to all 3 of you."

Dwayne and Becky Bray

4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath 2200 Square Feet. Two Story, 3/4 Basement, 2 year old home. Purchased in June, Possession in July, Leased in August. Seller were downsizing and wanted relief from monthly payments. $375 / month cash flow. $18,000 backend


Subject: Wow and Thanks!
Last night I popped the CD's in and I was learning so much that I didn't want to go to bed.

We've done some Subject To deals and have tried to put together our own checklists, pulling from the courses we've purchased such as LeGrand, Conti/Finkel, Bronchick, and Louis Brown. But nothing beats experience -- I mean YOURS. Thanks so much for being so very complete. You've filled in many of the holes that our courses left open.
I'm not sure what it means to be an affiliate, but I can tell that I will be recommending that many of my friends and colleagues purchase your course.

Jay and Babs
Blue Sky Investments, Inc.


3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1800 Square Feet. Split Level, 5 year old home. Purchased in July, Possession in August, Leased in September. Sellers transferred from area. 'Our home was listed for 3 months with no chance of a sale.' $325/month cash flow. $24,000 backend


Bob DeBlasio...Talks about our Home Study Course (a follow up to the ebook)
Thank you so very much for all that you have given me in your course.
It is the best one that I have gotten so far. I have Carlton Sheets " No Down Payment" I have Bill Bronchick's "Alternative Real Estate Financing" and also Jeff Beaubien's " Lease2Purchase".

On February 5th. it was my birthday and I decided to get the ABC'S of "Subject To" for my birthday present. Well I just couldn't believe how detailed and to the point it was.

It was a real pleasure to listen to the tapes and hear how you three interact with each other and have fun while teaching.
I have been studying real estate investing for about a year now learning everything I could about it, and waiting to apply what I have learned, but the trouble is I had all this knowledge without any direction. I just want to thank you all so much for giving me that direction to move forward in my life and have followed everything you taught me down to the smallest detail.

I am ready to start my business the first week in April. I really wish I could have participated in your coaching call but the hours I have to work at my job didn't permit me.

I also belong to a real estate investment group I joined in September and only could attend 1 meeting because of my job. Thanks to you I now have a 2 year plan to become financially independent and I just wanted to thank you all again for such a great course. Sincerely Yours, Bob DeBlasio


Troy Williams...a newcomer to investing writes:

Well, I wanted to submit you a testimonial because you guys just don't know how much you changed my lives. And since we talked at the retreat I have really shifted gears and got this business running on the right track.

Recap: I got a T/B in the house yesterday. Got $1,000 down and got her to make payments of $100 per month for 20 months for the other $2,000 or unless she pays me off sooner. She is going to lease the place for $700 per month
plus the $100 so I will get $800 per month. I'm working with a lender to get the streamline re-fi done and it should bring his payment down to about $650 or so. So I will probably get about a $50 a month cash flow but that's okay. I also partnered with a friend to get the carpet put in the house. A carpet company is offering no interest until July 02. So I'm jumping on that bandwagon. After all the dust clears I should net around 12K. Which to me is great considering the little money that I used on the house, plus the payment I made.

I'm so excited, the T/B didn't even ask how much the house was until they were filling out the contract!!
All they wanted to know was how much down and how much was the payments. Just like you guys talk about on the tape. It went so smoothe that I was amazed.
This is becoming so much fun that I get excited in the morning and now love the chase for the next deal.

'Charlie' I wanted to say thanks to you, Randy and Bob for making a BIG difference in my life. Ever since I got the course and followed your steps to the letter everything and I mean EVERYTHING has worked just like you guys said it would.
From the signs, to negotiating, to the forms. Man, when I sit back and look at how far I have come since I bought your course in May and how much knowledge I gained just by going through those tapes again and again.

And reading the "core" chapters again and again. It is almost like second nature now. But the key thing I think that you constantly stress to others is to be honest and also be sincere with people. And boy is that so true.

I have noticed that since I have returned from the retreat I just tell the sellers and tenant/buyers what I can do for them. If they don't like what I'm saying it doesn't bother me anymore. There is always another house or another tenant/buyer out there that thinks this the the greatest thing since sliced bread.(smile Bob)

And you know what? I sleep good at night knowing that I told them the truth. So with each house I learn a little more than the last one and soon I will be getting bigger deposits and
having the seller pay 3-6 months worth of payments because I KNOW I CAN GET IT!!!! And with that attitude and your training nothing is gonna stop me.


Troy H. Williams

P.S. I told my co-workers that on my last day in the Air Force I will be riding in a limo to work. And I might even take them to lunch with me so we can celebrate me closing on another house the day before. :) (This one is on my goals list).

Troy H. Williams, as Member
Hope Mills NC, 28348
web site: http://troy.icanbuyyourhouse.com

You Deserve It!

You've probably been working hard all your life.
Struggling to get ahead.
Can't quite seem to figure our how to build a wealth package.
Well, you can enjoy your first steps to financial independence reading the 'Profits While We Sleep' Ebook.
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  • Enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve
  • Buy homes while vacationing
  • Let your business pay for your trips
  • Work when you want and where you want
  • How to buy homes only minutes away
  • Work smart, not hard
  • Make money while you sleep
  • Achieve instant credibility in your new business
  • Step by step guide to building wealth
  • No fear negotiating
  • How to spot a good deal in the first 30 seconds
  • How to identify the 7 most common deal breakers
4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath 2200 Square Feet. Two Story, 3/4 Basement, 2 year old home. Purchased in June, Possession in July, Leased in August. Seller were downsizing and wanted relief from monthly payments.

We've done the work!

Now you can benefit from the insider knowledge and experience of the experts.

How about these benefits....
It's not uncommon to receive $4000 from the sellers and $4000 from the buyers, then a monthly positive cash flow of $250 per home!!! Plus we get another $20,000 when the tenant gets their own mortgage...Remember, we buy the home, but the seller keeps the mortgage!.
Remember the phrase, "It's raining money?"

Within 10 days of reviewing our material...
you can have motivated sellers calling you.

If you want financial freedom,
are you going to act now...
or let this opportunity slip away?

Good Luck in your Investing Career,

Robert Meister
Realbooks, LLC.

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